Phillips Blotting Technique

Blotting toothbrushes and miniblots are now available at the Woodside Clinic.

Years ago I was fortunate to speak in person briefly with Dr. Philips DDS in the States at which time he emphasized the importance of Blotting along the gum line with specially made fibres on toothbrush (split ends fibre).  The original 1972 book by Dr. Phillips is outdated but the pictures still make the point about the benefits of blotting technique. 

Graeme Dinnen has made the book accessible free on the internet that is no longer in print.  Original Phillips Book:  Scroll to the bottom for the free download. 

The specially designed toothbrushes textured bristles draw plaque and debris from the gingival crevice using a capillary action.  This is similar to a sponge soaking up liquid or when paint is drawn up into bristles of a brush. 

It is recommended to change the brush every 2-3 weeks depending on frequency of use.  The brush is held differently to a normal toothbrush - like a pencil, with the elbow close to the body.  There is no side-to-side motion or up and down.  It's a tapping or 'blotting' motion to reach between teeth and gums - this draws out damaging trapped plaque which causes the gum/teeth problems.  No flossing/ mouthwash/ toothpaste needed.

Dr. Joseph Phillips 1922-2003, found that gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, cavities, bad breath and more could be solved and eliminated using a special technique.  Blotting 2 times a day for a total of 20 minutes is recommended.  You can't blot too much.  The times to do this are when sitting watching TV or computer or listening to radio.  I have started doing it while in the car driving though we should not technically recommend this. 

All gum disease is curable using Phillip Blotting Technique.  Try it on today.