The Biological Terrain Assessment is an instrument which monitors the chemistry of the body to prevent and discourage accelerated degenerative conditions.

If we eat too much meat and drink too much coffee and are exposed to too much pollution and don't take enough minerals through our food we will find our bodies breakdown and not work as well as it once did.

MORA gathers all frequencies from your body.  Mora filters the frequencies that are supportive to the system from the unhealthy ones.  The healthy ones are fed back to the body thousands of times during the treatment which over a series of treatments creates a strengthening effect to the immune system.


Testing and Treatment

Heart Rate Variability is a way to test the bodies ability to take on stresses. It measures the resilience of the immune system by measuring the time between heart beats before and after a subtle stress is experienced by the system.  When the nervous system does not acknowledge the stress then there most likely is an issue with some chronic infection or toxicity or chronic weakness that has immobilized the bodies fighting ability.

Ozone is a low dose concept effective to regulate the immune system.  Drinking and applying to chronic ulcers can improve the time and chronicity of the ulcer.