Biological Terrain Assesment 

Patient Information and Instructions

You have been scheduled for a test called a “Biological Terrain Assessment” or “BTA”. This is a laboratory test that will be providing valuable information about the underlying biochemistry of your body. This simple test analyzes small amounts of your blood, urine and saliva. It provides data about the current state of the building blocks of your body – your enzymes, amino acids, molecules and electrons. In order to assure accurate BTA results, it is very important for you to follow the instructions below: 

•  Fast for 12 hours prior to your test. In order to do so, please complete your dinner in the evening prior to your test no later than 5:00–6:00 pm. After dinner, brush your teeth and refrain from eating or drinking anything until after your test. (This includes chewing gum and candy). If you are presently on any type of regular medications (example: blood pressure medicine or insulin), take your medications as prescribed with only a small amount of water two hours before test is scheduled 

•  The day before your test drink plenty of water. If your body is well hydrated before going into the 12 hour fast, you will find it easier not to drink for 12 hours. 

•  Refrain from using any mouthwashes or mouth rinses the night before and the morning of your test. After cleaning your teeth 12 hours prior to the test, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Also avoid using lipstick or makeup around your mouth and lips on the day of the test. Such substances can change the chemistry of your saliva. 

•  If you get up in the night to urinate, take a sample only after 3 am. 

•  When you arrive at the clinic you will be asked to spit into a small cup. This will take you approximately 15–20 minutes. Swallow any saliva that may already be in your mouth. Close your mouth and allow saliva to accumulate. Spit into the cup. Do not bring up post nasal drip. Your saliva will be foamy so a gentle tap of the cup on a hard surface will break the foam down into liquid. 

•  A small amount of blood will be drawn at the clinic for testing. 

•  A Second urine sample may be asked for at the clinic.

Darkfield Microscopy

Patient Information and Instructions

You will need to fast (no food) for 6 hours. If possible, refrain from all supplements and medications for 24 hours before your test. The test is clearer (less interference) when there isn't the fatty food particles in the background therefore the more accurate the reading. You are encouraged to drink plenty of water beforehand.