Darkfield Microscopy

Patient Information and Instructions

 We can obtain valuable information by looking at the status of your blood 'live'. When you participate in this test, a drop or two of blood is drawn from a tiny prick in your finger. It is placed on slides and examined beneath the microscope immediately. You can watch your cells flowing with the plasma, witness certain developments and learn, generally, what these observations mean.

The Test is not used to diagnose but is used to assess whether the overall health of the cells are supported by the specific treatment or not. 

Darkfield is an invaluable tool in assessing and monitoring the condition of your body's internal environment and is most illuminating when combined with the BTA (Biological Terrain Assessment).

In preparation, you will need to fast (no food) for 6 hours. If possible, refrain from all supplements and medications for 24 hours before your test. The test is clearer (less interference) when there isn't the fatty food particles in the background therefore the more accurate the reading. You are encouraged to drink plenty of water beforehand.