Immune system support using Hydrotherapy, Vitamin C infusions, and Mistletoe therapy Infused or subcutaneous injection for patients with Cancer

Hydrotherapy the Traditional medicine from the time of Dr Kneipp and Dr Carroll

Benefits of constitutional hydrotherapy is greatly misunderstood. At the clinic I encourage patients where this is indicated to have these treatments regularly to exercise the immune system. The seemingly relaxing treatment with the occasional “jumping off the dock feeling” when the cold wet towel is applied to the torso on the front and back is specifically done to push blood away from the surface after the warming stage of bringing blood to the surface. The body quickly warms the cold wet towel again bringing the blood to the surface. This percolation of circulation to and from the surface to the organs and then back to surface is the exercise that allows your body to increase “its’ vitality’. Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine works with the vital force that we are born with. Hydrotherapy is a method that takes the body to the next level. An example is in the fall if you catch frequent colds…. a series of hydrotherapies typically 10-15 (1 hour each treatment) gives the immune system a strength so that the individual is less likely to catch the cold or flu circulating even without taking vitamin D.


Vitamin C Intravenous Infusions Empirically Effective as an Adjunctive or Stand-alone Therapy in Cancer to improve Quality of Life. Vitamin C high dose is a pro-drug for the production of hydrogen peroxide in the extracellular space. The oral dosing of vitamin C cannot raise the concentration in the plasma to the level to create the hydrogen peroxide effect needed to affect the cancer cells. We also know that some cancer cells do not have the ability to protect themselves against the peroxide effect. Normal human cells can protect themselves from the hydrogen peroxide and reduces it to water.

Mistletoe or Viscosan (Canadian trade name) intravenous infusion therapy. Anthroposophical medicine used in Germany.

Viscum album (mistletoe) is a regulated natural health product; in Canada Viscosan is registered as homeopathic drinkable ampules. It is not approved for parenteral administration. In many other jurisdictions, mistletoe is regulated as an injectable drug. In Ontario, Viscosan is allowed to be used intravenously after the Naturopathic Doctor determines if indicated in the individual.

Mistletoe historically has been administered topically, orally and subcutaneously. In the 1950’s administering mistletoe intravenously became a growing interest with research. Intravenous administration of mistletoe (Viscosan ) has been administered since 1975. As with other modes of treatment with Viscosan the advantage of good tolerability without dose limitation for toxicity has been shown through two clinical trials.

Indications for intravenous Viscosan are in cases of progressive metastatic cancer specifically when other treatment options have been exhausted.