Wireless Technology

Cell phones, Cell phone towers, cordless phones, blue tooth, smart meters, WIFI all impact our health and accelerate our aging process.  Dr Magda Havas PhD and Rob Metzinger are 2 reliable sources in understanding wireless radiation.

Given our busy lives and knowing how insidiously wireless technology creeps into our lives – I have been found guilty.  Last 2 years have been incredibly busy and the technology allowed me to stay abreast the needs of the clinic and my family.  Though it is very convenient it has become norm and contrary to my comfort level has become too much.  Refreshing my knowledge by visiting websites ‘safe living technologies’  and Dr. Magda Havas and buying a handheld detector to measure what has actually been surrounding me day in and day out gave me a better understanding how to keep me and my family safer.  So for 1 month till school starts I thought we could try to really limit our exposure to Wireless Technology.  See below how to minimize the waves.

1.     Disconnect by Devra Davis

2.     Public Health SOS by Camilla Rees and Magda Havas.

 Safe Living Technologies run by Rob Metzinger has devices that measure frequencies in your work and home environment.  Go to his website www.slt.co  and there you can find good references and Radiofrequency detectors to purchase.  His website has interesting video links.


Dr. Magda Havas PhD  has been involved with research and bringing awareness about wireless technologies www.magdahavas.com that have insidiously infiltrated our lives more  than ever.  Her website contains many references, research articles and  audio clips that are very interesting to read and listen to.  It is one thing to advance in our technology but not at the expense of our health.

Check out the “home Environment” category on her website.  Electromagnetic Hygiene in 12 Easy Steps: How to create a cleaner electromagnetic environment at home and at work.  These are really things that you need to know about. 

5G Cell phone Towers (mm waves):  There is the presumption that if the new technology of 5G Cell towers only penetrates to the depth of a very thin layer of skin in vitro (which is not part of a greater whole such as the human body) then it would only effect to the depth of human skin.  This presumption is giving a “safety” sign off for these towers to be installed in rural areas to give stronger signals for connection.  However the skin is connected with the deeper structures of the “whole” body and that is exactly what interacts with all the deeper tissues of the body.  Thus the EMF affecting the skin is essentially affecting all the deeper structures and systems of the body.  This is why we need to study this in greater detail before we install these towers.  We don’t want to repeat history by putting the wagon in front of the tractor and cause harm that cannot be reversed.

Children and Electromagnetic Radiation:  The boney part of the skull of children are less dense and overall the heads are smaller.  When they put a cell phone near their head the radiation reaches deeper into the skull.  The brains of the children are also growing  faster and if DNA damage is made early it could set up problems 10 years down the road for the children. 

The Take Home message: Learn how technology is affecting your health and take measures to minimize its impact on you.

Three things you can do to immediately reduce the level of radiofrequency exposure.

  1. Turn off WIFI at night

  2. Unplug all wireless technology (i.e. cordless phone) at night and day if possible

  3. Turn off your cell phone at night..  Airplane mode still has low to moderate exposure.

  4. And yes there is a fourth – don’t put the phone next to your body or brain  for any amount of time. Minimize the amount of time in these wireless technology spaces and limit the time on cell phones.

  5. Ok 1 more….use computers and phones that are hardwired whenever you can.

From a Naturopathic perspective.  Wireless technology on a man-made global-level is here to stay and will affect our Health.  Become educated and know what you are getting into.  Choose wisely and speak up if there are invisible impositions on your living and working space.  If there have been some reckless wireless usage that creates DNA damage – it is very important to eat healthy and use fruits and/or vegetables as part of your meals to gain back your health.  The phytonutrients in these foods help to restore damaged cells and prevent the run away replication of damaged DNA.  Kind of like the Mediterranean diet.