1.  Facial - The Essential type

Weekly for 4 treatments.  45 minutes. Using Ilike skincare line.  Beneficial to have in the spring and Fall for preventing skin damage from the elements whether it's the winter dry cold of the summer hot humid.

2. Facial - Antiaging Reversing and preventing the skin Blahs

1 hour. Women and men in their 40's and 50's.  Women in their mid 30's start to show signs and would benefit from this treatment.  mature skin in their 60-70's require a deeper intensive treatment that this provides. 4 treatments in 4-6 weeks is recommended.  

3.  Deep Cleansing Facial

Using the Ilike skincare and steamer/extraction method. 1 hour. 

4.  Apricot/AHA Peel

ONLY Available in Clinic.  Increases blood circulation to oxygenate cells on face.  Rejuvenates and regenerates,  Excellent for inactive Rosacea.  Recommend 4 treatment in 1 month during the change of seasons.

5. Skin tightening and building with Radiofrequency facial

40 minutes of radiofrequency in the 1 hour facial. We recommend 10 treatments in 3 months, more frequent in the beginning with increased spacing near the end of the treatments.  Treatments are relaxing and often puts patient to sleep.  The time you start to see toning effects are 6 weeks following first 5 treatments. Timing: best done in the spring and fall for Summer outings and december Holidays.

6. Body contouring

Flabby, drooping, dimpling of the arms, legs, abdomen, breasts and buttocks. Using Vacuum massage, endermology (deeper rhythmic vacuum rolling), radiofrequency, shockwave and ultrasound to create a lifting, tightening, and contouring effect.

7.  Skin nourishing

Revitalize tired skin. Ampules of nutrients are infused by oxygen, channelled by radiofrequency or absorbed after fine needle preparation of the face. Effective when layered with other facial treatments.

8.  Add-ons

10-15 minutes. During any of the treatments you want a little extra pampering ask for a relaxing massage of the feet, hands or head to help your body relax and increase the benefits of the treatment.