Naturopathic medicine gives answers to people with chronic illness and ways to prevent the start of illness.  There is another way to look at your health.  If you understand the imbalance and understand the cause, you can be an informed occupant and transform how your body works in todays world.  Today's medical model is great at putting out fires in the body after disease has set in. We find the cause of your illness or imbalance through questions, physical examination and lab testing and equip you with lifestyle and vitality improving treatments to get you back to a healthier you.   

In reality, we're either moving toward illness or toward health. If we keep the body in balance for most of our lives then we can reduce or even eliminate chronic illness. I look at the patient like a puzzle to find the weakest link and focus accordingly so that symptoms are reduced or eliminated and a feeling of balance is achieved.

I invite you to come and explore how to improve your health through diet, homeopathy, herbs, and traditional Chinese medicine.