I have always enjoyed to understand how the world works at a microscopic level.  Looking for the truth in the situation and finding a balance that would create the least friction.  The passion to understand moved me through chemistry at Waterloo but upon graduation I felt there was more that needed to be done.  There was the question about the environment and how chemicals were entering our lives in food and water and in our day to day exposure with all modern day activities.  To find a filtering system for the water to clean in mass amounts seemed fruitless like a hamster going in circles on a wheel.

It seemed that any attempt to fix the problem would need to come from the root and to educate people one person at a time with respect to their own health.  This in turn would affect their friends and family and provide an incentive for them to also become aware of the underlying causes of their disease and so on and so on.  People who are healthy would have a greater appreciation and concern for their environment and would be concerned about the pollution that was being created inside their body and outside (toxins often not seen by the naked eye). 

Then I found Naturopathic Medicine, a medicine rooted in traditional and evidenced based medicine that made people healthier - not just suppressed the symptoms.  This was done through nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and more.   Where was this when I grew up....I remember sitting in the dentist chair with a poster staring at me to eat your veggies and fruits.  I remember thinking that I can do this if it meant not to have my teeth drilled into.  I think we should have much more than this to prevent disease. Thankfully the tides are changing and we are getting the message out and awareness is growing about our body and it's ability to heal itself and how our environment can inhibit our ability to heal our bodies. 

I have been practicing for 19 years, in of which has been in the current location in the country in Oakland, ON since 2005 at the Woodside Clinic.